Welcome to Agriport

Agriport A7 is a modern project site for large-scale greenhouse and open field crops. Central, a new business park has been created in the production. The clustering of large-scale production of fresh vegetables, processing and logistics Agriport A7 is considered the most modern Agropark world.

Agriport A7 motorway is 40 km north of Amsterdam. The location of the planning area directly on the A7 is favorable to the discharge of processed products and the travel time of your staff. Via the A7 is a fast connection to northern Germany and to the port of Rotterdam. The new N23 provides good access to central Germany.

But there’s more. Through cooperation within the supply chain, supply chain integration and cross-overs between different chains creates good opportunities for the use of waste products (heat, process water, CO2) of businesses in the area. This is not only good for the environment, but also an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

They are entrepreneurs who develop this business. Therefore, it is modern but business conducted, with large plots for companies that need space and fiber optics for rapid data transfer.